Monday, March 30, 2015

Pick n Mix challenge: Not worn enough

Today's theme is Not worn enough and mine is Catrice Charelston's fame. It's the only neon pink I own and compared to other girls I don't ware a lot of pinks. But since it's Easter time or as we call it in my house JUST PUT ALL THE COLORS ON IT TIME! I thought it's fine to use a bit of pink.

I just love this MM36 patterns I had to use it again :)

For this mani I used for the gradient Catrice Be my violetine, Charelston's fame and Essence Electric blue. For the stamps I used Essence Stamp me!black and Color club Beyond. The plate I used is MM36

And a silly Simpsons gif for you all :) 

source: tumblr

Happy holidays :)



  1. The pink and purple gradient looks great!

  2. Gradient je super =) Pa štempiljke so super lušne ;)
    xoxo, Nyx

  3. I didn't used to wear a lot of pink either, but lately... >_> lol Love your stamping!


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