Thursday, March 26, 2015

MoYou Bookworm contest: Frankenstein

The 2nd entry for the MoYou London Bookworm challenge is Frankenstein. I think I like this book a bit better then Dracula. Thou they can't be compared since the stories are so different. 

I wanted to make a mani that is not so literal - so it features different skins sewn together, gross green slime that I imagine fuels him, safety pin since I don't believe stitches can hold it all together and a zappy nail full of little different lightening bolts that animate the monster. I love how they turned out! <3

For this mani I used all MoYou London stamping plates (as an extra mini challenge for myself) called Sci-fi 6, Time Traveller Back to the 80s 2, Gothic 5, Biker 2, Punk 2. The polishes I used for stamping are Essence stamp me! black and white, Mundo de Unas Yellow. The polishes I used for the skin decal are Vollare 40/3, Catrice Acid DC, Eseence I got a crush on blue, Grey-headed lovebird. The other nail base polishes are Femme fatale Abuse the ooze and China glaze Highlight of my summer. 

Here is a little selfie with the book :) 

Yeah I am one of those nerds who always corrects folks who call the monster Frankenstein so I feel your pain little green buddy :)

source: tumblr

Here is an oldie - goldie trailer of Van Helsing. In my opinion still the best movie when it comes to depicting both the Dracula and Frankenstein :) 

I hope you had some fun with my spooky nail designs this week - almost makes you miss Halloween huh? :)



  1. What an awesome design that's Frankenstein inspired.

  2. I think the green shades look so perfect!
    I love all the bright and beautiful colors that you used to create this manicure!
    Thanks for sharing this post with us, I love it!
    I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend,
    Xoxo Julia

  3. I love how this all came together. The colors, your designs, everything. Great job!!!


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