Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MoYou Bookworm contest: Dracula

MoYou London organised a nail art competition on IG and I decided to take part for 2 posts. I don't have much time right now but if the challenge is Bookworm themed I need to take part! I posted the rules and themes down below if anyone is interested :)

My 1st entry is Dracula - since I feel like it's such an iconic book and a theme that was so cool before Twilight came on the scene ;) Also I saw this mani by A girl and her polish a while back that was inspired by the new Dracula TV series and I just had to take it as inspiration :) 

Thou it's not part of the challenge it's an extra mini challenge for me - I used all MoYou London plates for the mani. Thank god I am a big plate hoarder and I had plenty of material. I wanted to make it simple filled with lace, patterns, cross and bats ... And mandatory blood drops :)

Here is a proof I am a fan #booknailsselfie :P

For this mani I used MoYou London stamping plates called Gothic 5, Biker 2, Bridal 6, Fashionista 8 and Scholar 2. The stamping polishes I used are Essence stamp me black and white, Mundo de Unas Red. The base polishes are Essence Wild white ways, Do you speak love and Catrice Marilyn & Me, L'Ombre A Sanssouci.

Some cool inspirations behind this mani besides the book :)

source: tumblr
Opening theme from the (sadly canceled ) Dracula TV show ... so awesome :)

Here are the rules to the nail art challenge so you can see what is coming up :)

Wish me luck :)


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