Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bornpretty store review: Stamping plate BP-55

I got this amazing stamping plate from Bornpretty store. It is the part of their own line of stamping plates. They are relay stepping up their stamping plates game so if you are looking for nice plates you can go check out their nail art supplies

So I got the BP-55 stamping plate and like all the others it is amazing! The etchings are perfect and the pictures pick up no problem. Since the pictures are so big I decided to make some decals with them. And the nails turned out so happy and summery :)

Here is a picture of the plate - and how cute are the new stamping plate sleeves? <3

For this mani I used Essence stamp me! black to make the line decals. And I randomly painted in with the China glaze Highlight of my summer, Essence Electric blue, Purple sugar, Tevez 01 and Catrice Yellow sub-mandarin. At the end I added some random rhinestones that I got from BPS nail art supplies a while back :)

So I hope you liked this mani. And now you can see that the Bornpretty store stamping plates are also good for reverse stampings. And if you are planing on buying something from them don't forget to use my 10% OFF coupon RJL91 :)



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