Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bornpretty store review: BP-43 stamping plate

I have for you today BP-43 stamping plate review from Bornpretty store. I fell in love with the lines pattern because it reminded me so much of the Great Gatsby. I wanted to make a design a bit more modern so I paired a bunch of black and white polishes. 

The end result looks a bit like a cluster of maps and blueprints. I love how it turned out! <3 

The plate is easy to use and since the size of the patterns is big enough for any type of nails. I used the size of the plate on my nubbins in a way so I could stamp 4 completely different patterns. How amazing is that? 

For this mani I used Kleancolor Chunky holo black and Golden rose Jolly Jewels 115 as base. The stamps are made Essence stamp me! black and white

A picture of the plate - I find it interesting how different all the patters look like :)

If you are looking for some nail art supplies visit Bornpretty store and don't forget to use the 10% OFF coupon RJL91



  1. Oh man that looks amazing!! I think I'm going to have to hunt down the Chunky Holo Black.

  2. Nice! It looks great over that crelly color too.

  3. Nice mani! I like how each nail is different, but still related you know. I have a question for you... how do you keep changing the cshape and length of your nails? Do you use tips then shape them?


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