Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NOTD: Eat me

I got another Yes love polish the other day and this guy is a pastel purple - lavender thing. It's filled with black, dark purple and red micro glitter. So I decided to use the same colors for the stamps :)

Here you can see the swatch of the Yes love G18-5. Since it's a textured polish it required some top coat to make it ready for stamps. 

For the stamps I used MoYou London Alice 4. The polishes I used are Catrice Be my Violentine and Dashica red.

I like how this turned out! They are a bit sassy like this gif I found *I bet you thought of Alice - but I can't resist the sexy beefcake that is Dean* ;)

source: tumblr
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Pick n Mix challenge: Not worn enough

Today's theme is Not worn enough and mine is Catrice Charelston's fame. It's the only neon pink I own and compared to other girls I don't ware a lot of pinks. But since it's Easter time or as we call it in my house JUST PUT ALL THE COLORS ON IT TIME! I thought it's fine to use a bit of pink.

I just love this MM36 patterns I had to use it again :)

For this mani I used for the gradient Catrice Be my violetine, Charelston's fame and Essence Electric blue. For the stamps I used Essence Stamp me!black and Color club Beyond. The plate I used is MM36

And a silly Simpsons gif for you all :) 

source: tumblr

Happy holidays :)


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday stamping: Easter nails

Can you recycle X-mas nails for Easter? Hell yeah! I got this amazing Prettypots polish a while back and it just didn't seem X-massy enough at the time. Somehow it seemed it would be a cool base for some Easter nails and I was right! :)

First look at them with the nail art and below check out the swatches - I think they look very spring appropriate - but if I put over some X-mas stamps with snowflakes they could go a whole another way :)

For this mani I used Prettypots polish Christmas treats as base. Over it I stamped with Essence stamp me! black and Mundo de Unas Yellow. The stamping plates I used are MM08 and MM36

Here you can see a swatch of the Prettypots polish Christmas treats. This are 2 coats over a white base and some top coat.

Do you ever use out of season polishes?


Friday, March 27, 2015

Pick n Mix challenge: Stained glass

Stained glass always fills me with happiness and joy so I wanted to make a happy glittery mani. I love how they turned out! :)

For this mani I used BP-11 stamping plate and Essence stamp me! black. The base polishes are Essence Hello holo and LA Girl Synergy. So little work and such a cool effect :)


Thursday, March 26, 2015

MoYou Bookworm contest: Frankenstein

The 2nd entry for the MoYou London Bookworm challenge is Frankenstein. I think I like this book a bit better then Dracula. Thou they can't be compared since the stories are so different. 

I wanted to make a mani that is not so literal - so it features different skins sewn together, gross green slime that I imagine fuels him, safety pin since I don't believe stitches can hold it all together and a zappy nail full of little different lightening bolts that animate the monster. I love how they turned out! <3

For this mani I used all MoYou London stamping plates (as an extra mini challenge for myself) called Sci-fi 6, Time Traveller Back to the 80s 2, Gothic 5, Biker 2, Punk 2. The polishes I used for stamping are Essence stamp me! black and white, Mundo de Unas Yellow. The polishes I used for the skin decal are Vollare 40/3, Catrice Acid DC, Eseence I got a crush on blue, Grey-headed lovebird. The other nail base polishes are Femme fatale Abuse the ooze and China glaze Highlight of my summer. 

Here is a little selfie with the book :) 

Yeah I am one of those nerds who always corrects folks who call the monster Frankenstein so I feel your pain little green buddy :)

source: tumblr

Here is an oldie - goldie trailer of Van Helsing. In my opinion still the best movie when it comes to depicting both the Dracula and Frankenstein :) 

I hope you had some fun with my spooky nail designs this week - almost makes you miss Halloween huh? :)


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NOTD: All kinds of yellow

Yellow is just such a happy color and perfect for the spring time manis. I did something very simple and full of layers. I got inspired by the amazing base polish I got at a random cheap wears store. 

I fell in love with the Yes Love G18-1 I found the other day. It's a yellow pastel creme with green, blue and yellow micro glitter that dries a bit like a textured polish. So it required a bit of top coat to smooth it out for the stamps. 

Over it I stamped with Mundo de Unas Yellow and MoYou London Gothic 11. The rhinestones are from Born pretty store :)

I hope you like this look and are excited for spring as I am because the warm sunny days can't be here soon enough :)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MoYou Bookworm contest: Dracula

MoYou London organised a nail art competition on IG and I decided to take part for 2 posts. I don't have much time right now but if the challenge is Bookworm themed I need to take part! I posted the rules and themes down below if anyone is interested :)

My 1st entry is Dracula - since I feel like it's such an iconic book and a theme that was so cool before Twilight came on the scene ;) Also I saw this mani by A girl and her polish a while back that was inspired by the new Dracula TV series and I just had to take it as inspiration :) 

Thou it's not part of the challenge it's an extra mini challenge for me - I used all MoYou London plates for the mani. Thank god I am a big plate hoarder and I had plenty of material. I wanted to make it simple filled with lace, patterns, cross and bats ... And mandatory blood drops :)

Here is a proof I am a fan #booknailsselfie :P

For this mani I used MoYou London stamping plates called Gothic 5, Biker 2, Bridal 6, Fashionista 8 and Scholar 2. The stamping polishes I used are Essence stamp me black and white, Mundo de Unas Red. The base polishes are Essence Wild white ways, Do you speak love and Catrice Marilyn & Me, L'Ombre A Sanssouci.

Some cool inspirations behind this mani besides the book :)

source: tumblr
Opening theme from the (sadly canceled ) Dracula TV show ... so awesome :)

Here are the rules to the nail art challenge so you can see what is coming up :)

Wish me luck :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday stamping: Purple and orange - ish

Ladies I don't play by the rules so this is Purple and Orange-ish mani for the challenge done my way. I don't like the color orange so I had to hide it in many layers of nail art and other colors :) 

Currently I am in love with the reverse stamping technique so I made these puzzle nails full of spring colors. With plenty of orange and purple (lavender) pieces - not all spring manis require flowers :)

For this mani I used Essence stamp me! white and BM-319 to make the puzzles. And I colored in the pieces with Essence Have a break, OPI Mermaid's tears, Catrice Color of honor, Love, peach & harmony and Playing in lavender heaven from the new LE Doll's collection :)

How cute is the promo? <3

source: tumblr

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bornpretty store review: BP-43 stamping plate

I have for you today BP-43 stamping plate review from Bornpretty store. I fell in love with the lines pattern because it reminded me so much of the Great Gatsby. I wanted to make a design a bit more modern so I paired a bunch of black and white polishes. 

The end result looks a bit like a cluster of maps and blueprints. I love how it turned out! <3 

The plate is easy to use and since the size of the patterns is big enough for any type of nails. I used the size of the plate on my nubbins in a way so I could stamp 4 completely different patterns. How amazing is that? 

For this mani I used Kleancolor Chunky holo black and Golden rose Jolly Jewels 115 as base. The stamps are made Essence stamp me! black and white

A picture of the plate - I find it interesting how different all the patters look like :)

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Bornpretty store review: BP-36 stamping plate

I got more of these Bornpretty store stamping plates to show you. Today it's BP-36 plates turn. Once more it's amazingly unique and perfectly etched. I had not problems with using it. I went for a royal look so I used the big repetitive pattern and the big Fleur de lil symbol. 

It's not the romantic look but still quite French I feel like :) 

Here you can see the entire plate - and the cute sleeve for it :)

For this mani I used Essence Electric blue as base. Mundo De Unas Yellow for the top stamps, BP-36 stamping plate and  Essence stamp me! black and white for the extra details :)

If you are looking for some new and cool nail art supplies visit Bornpretty store and don't forget to used my 10% OFF coupon RJL91 code :)


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pick n Mix Challenge: Lilac and Green

I wanted to make a holo gradient with one of my favorite color combination - black, red and lilac. Over it I wanted to stamp with some matte jelly polishes to make a finish contrast. I only wish the holo effect would be more visible :( But I still like how it turned out! <3

They look a bit broken and shattered to me without seeming creepily like spider webs. I don't like spiders so there were also no such manis for Halloween ;) 

For this mani I used Jade Vermello Surreal and Fascinio Violeta, Color Club Beyond for the gradient. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and Mundo de Unas. The stamping plates are hehe 024 and CA-34.


Monday, March 16, 2015

MUOD: St. Patrick's day neon green

Today just a quick post about my St. Patrick's day make up. I am always on the hunt for some cheap and crazy colored make up supplies. And I found this neon green one at Bornpretty store for quite cheap. 
It's a liquid eyeliner with a fine pointed brush. The formula is quite watery and a bit more sheer then I am used to but still very easy to work with. Took a couple thick applications but I didn't had much problems. And the best part is it doesn't stain the skin and comes off real easy. 
I paired it with come Catrice Liquid eyeliner named Dating Joe Black and a simple lipstick by Essence called Get the look :)

I like how it turned out. And here is a picture of the finished look with my face I will be making when people offer me beer. I like St. Patrick's day for the whiskey ;)

A close up picture of the Essence Get the look lipstick :)

In case you are looking for some cool neon eyeliners visit Bornpretty store and if you are there use the 10% OFF code RJL91 :)

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