Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Stamping: Valentines Day

In this time of the year a lot of nail and make up art features crazy cutesy art. But I wanted to make some sexy art. Thou this year with my luck everyone is doing that also since the 50 shades hype. And I am not a fan of it at all. So I went a bit of my own way - a sexy little gradient and some lace ;) 

For this mani I used Essence Dare it nude, p2 Fever and Catrice I wear my sunglasses at night to make the gradient. The lace is made with MoYou London Bridal 6 and Essence Stamp me! white. On the accent finger I added a big red rhinestone heart from Bornpretty store

I wish you all a sexy V-day :)



  1. Vidim, da obvladaš =) Škoda, da se gradient ne vidi tako dobro, izgleda odlično =) A tisti srček si dejansko tudi nosila? A ni moteče? Jaz se vedno kam zahaklam, če imam kaj takega na nohtih, tako da sem že obupala =)


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