Saturday, February 28, 2015

OOTD: I pity the fool with no chainz

Mr. T is my spirit animal! Plain and simple! He is just so cool I can't even take it, so angry, powerful and full of jewelry! So when I got my hands on this amazing sweater in Germany I knew I need to channel all the Mr.T I can with the clothes I have at home. 

I only wish I had better hair skills so I could fashion myself a mohawk ... So I am rather hiding my hair under the hood. 

In case you don't know who is Mr.T here is a classic picture of him! Now a days you just can't get away with a look like this and still be considered a bad ass :) He was part of the show called A-team that was a big hit in the 80ies :)

source: tumblr

Here are a few items I used for this look. I didn't use that much jewelry since the clothes are embellished enough. The make up I used was Manhattan Mat effect Mat black for the eyeshadow base. Over it I added Catrice I am golden Sandy liquid eyeliner. For the lips I used Essence LE Piece of Forever gold lipstick. 

The outfit is something I would wear out for coffee with a bit less bold eye make up :)

Shirt: ebay
Sweater: Forever21
Leggings: Kik
Shoes: ebay

Mr. T king of swag <3 

source: tumblr
Do you have a spirit animal?



  1. LMAO I love Mr T!!! XD Great outfit. I think you did a great job channeling him. ;)


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