Friday, February 6, 2015

LoL mani: Twisted Fate Jack of Hearts

Let the cheesy V-day manis continue! Recently romance and cards became one and the same thing for me. I always loved a good Alice in Wonderland, card faces and magic combo and this Twisted Fate champion from League of Legends has it all. Thou I don't like playing him since I ma no good with his game mechanics that require you to pick the right card I still enjoy his design <3

I managed to get my claws on the new Misslyn polish full of hearts and my BFF Miss Hysteria *show her some love* got me the amazing new Alice MoYou London plates so everything I love came together in one mani :)

Here is a picture of my inspiration <3

Twisted Fate Jack of Hearts
For this mani I used Essence Wild white ways, Catrice Rockby and Femme fatale Mana ruby as base. Over them all I added a generous coat of Misslyn Mon Amour. The stamps are made with QA56 and MoYou London Alice 4 stamping plates. The polishes I used are Essence stamp me!white and black and Dasica Red.  

Here is a swatch of Misslyn Mon Amour. I placed some of the hearts and some came out with a bit of fishing. And I just adore the little red glitters that are in the mix. Thou I think they are just fallen off red flakies of the red hearts :)

Some classic Twisted Fate skills from one of the cinematic trailers for the game. Am I the only one who thinks that card magic tricks are the coolest thing ever? :)

My favorite Twisted Fate in game quotes:
''Cheater is just another word for winner.''



  1. Lepo! Ful so mi všeč vzorčki platke, to pa res rabim =D Pa ta Misslyn lakec gledam že nekaj časa, vsakič, ko grem v Muller debatiram, bi vzela, ne bi vzela. Imaš mogoče od Essence tistega rdečega s srčki? Kakšna je kaj primerjava?

    1. Misslyn ima 2 barvi srckov in čisto mini delce rdeče, Essence Hugy & kisses ima 1 odtenek srčkov, ki so malce večji in več glitterja rdečega :)

    2. Oh, hvala. Torej ga rabim =P

  2. I adore this mani! It just looks so great. :)

  3. Very cool! Love it with the stamping. ^_^


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