Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LoL mani: Heartseeker Vayne

Let the V-day geek nails extravaganza continue! I don't particularly like Vayne since she is the basic bitch of League of Legends. That means that a lot of people play her - thou her in game mechanics are nothing special. But her V-day skin is adorable so I decided to make some nails inspired by it. 

Index finger is inspired by her socks, the others are inspired by the wings, hearts, arrows and bats that accompany her during a game. I like how it turned out thou I am not the biggest fan of the color pink. But in this time of the year you can't avoid it :)

Here is the picture of my inspiration - Heartseeker Vayne <3

For this mani I used LA Girl Love letters as base. The glitter is Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109. The stripes are made with Essence Purple sugar and Dare it nude. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me! black and Mundo de Unas Red. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Biker 2, Rockstar 1 and CA-34.

My favorite Vayne in game quotes:
''The dark should fear me''



  1. Sredinec je čista perfekcija <3 Ful mi je všeč vzorček ;) Manikura je nasploh lepa, ampak v sredinec sem pa čisto zaljubljena ;)

  2. That crelly you used is the perfect base here!

  3. That is a cute outfit!! Great mani to go along with it. Yes, this is definitely the time to pull out the pinks. ;)

  4. kok lepe manikure maš na tem blogu. waaaa *.*


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