Thursday, February 19, 2015

BPS Review: BP-39 stamping plate

Today I have a BornPretty Store review for you all. They have launched their 2nd stamping plate collection and I got the chance to review a few. They are amazing quality, perfect etchings and the pictures pick up no problem. Also great job on the super cute new plate sleeves! <3

I love skulls so I had to get my claws on the BP-39 plate. I made a very simple design that displays the pattern and flashes some color. I wore these for the Carnival parties that were happening these days here :)

Here you can see the full plate and the new cute sleeves! BP-39 is available on their page just click on the link if you want a nice punk plate of your own :)

For the base of the mani I used Essence Stamp me!black. Over it I added Claire's Festive fun to make some glitter that pops under the stamps. For the white part I used Essence stamp me! white and for the colorful accent finger I mixed a bunch of Mundo De Unas polishes. I love how this turned out! <3

So for all your nail art supplies visit Bornpretty store nail art supplies page. While you are there don't forget to use my 10% OFF Cupon RJL91 :)


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  1. Those are some cute sleeves for them. I ordered a bunch but didn't get that but totally agree, their stamping plates are so good.


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