Friday, January 23, 2015

TNCC: Wallpaper - Catrice LE Rock-o-co Swatches and nail art

By now I think all you lovely dolls that are with me for a while can tell I have a serious damask pattern addiction. And this month everything fell into place! I got the TNCC Challenge with Wallpaper theme and my favorite brand Catrice released this Limited edition full of new bottles and my favorite pattern. Not only this they had polish colors that come in my current favorite color combination gray and yellow! <3

So I decided to make a nice little gradient with the 2 polishes and make similar stamps to form a damask pattern. The polishes are both matte and where opaque in 3 layers. But if I would apply them normally they would be in 2 I bet. I kept it all matte and I love how it all turned out even the part when the pattern is less visible, makes everything seem more romantic and mysterious :)

Here is the picture of the bottles! I love the unique design! And I got so excited I had to take a lipstick from the collection as well. You can see the color on my Classy cupcakes post :)

For this mani I used Catrice LE Rock-o-co L'Ombre A Sanssouci and Soleil A Solitude. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me!white and Lily Anna 08 stamping plate. 

How amazing looking is the promo for the collection? Catrice you do know how to make me fall in love with your work :)

How do you like seeing swatches of polishes in this form?



  1. Gorgeous look, and I love the matte look!

  2. These are lovely! The gradient is not one I would have put together but it works.

  3. Love it! Also, those bottles are adorable!!

  4. I am a damask lover too, and this are just plain gorgeous!


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