Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday stamping: Using 3 colors to stamp / TNCC: Wallpaper / LoL mani: Orianna the Lady of Clockwork

There are things in life that keep kicking your ass but you will always keep on trying to master them. One of such things is water marble when it comes to nail art for me. But when it comes to playing League of Legends that is Orianna. She is pretty, her voice is so magical and is an endlessly cool design - but she is crazy hard to play. I just can't get a grip on her - so many styles, ways of play and the combos - don't get me started! But I still love her and try to figure her out. 

She is a steam punk type of robot that uses a pet robotic ball as a weapon. I pasted the wallpaper that inspired me to do these nails. I wanted to make a gold and silver stamping combination full with electricity details and small cogs. 

I use her splash art as a wallpaper so this will double as my TNCC wallpaper entry :) OMG I am so in love with her, so pretty and tough!

Orianna the Lady of Clockwork
For this mani I used S-he stylezone no. 340 as base. The stamps are made with Color club Harp on it, Star gazer no. 232, Catrice Bronze-deco and Barry M Gold foil. The stamps I used are QA63, hehe 11 and MoYou Back to the 20's 01. I added some extra gold studs to add that robotic feel. 

A quick silly thing for all you LoL fans <3

source: tumblr
Here is a recording of her voice in game. I just can't resist a hot female robot voice <3

My favorite Orianna quotes from the game:

''I have sharp things.''
''Why do they keep braking?''
''I hear soft things.''



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