Monday, January 19, 2015

Pick n Mix challenge: Holo

Not all holos are in your face strong linear ones. And not all Sailor scouts are girly and flashy. So I wanted to make something subtle - and I got the inspiration from the gift my kid sister brought me a while back - it's a Sailor Pluto key chain <3

The polishes I used are Kiko Silk taupe as base. The stamps are made with Color club Beyond and hehe013 stamping plate. 

Here is a sexy Sailor Pluto in action :)

source: tumblr

Do you ever get inspired by random objects in your life?



  1. That is just phenomenal. Pluto has always been my favorite. ^_^ Love how the holo adds a bit of depth!

  2. Bah! I love it! The colors are so perfect! I have a Sailor Jupiter and this plate......hmmmm :)


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