Friday, January 2, 2015

Pick n Mix challenge: 3 shades of purple / LoL mani: LeBlanc the Deceiver

Happy New Year ya all! Let's start the year with some amazing nails :)

OMG I can't gush over LeBlanc enough! She is my all time favorite League of Legends champion! It was the 1st one I bought with the points I earned. Everyone was making fun of me since no one was playing her back then - but I think I brought her back in style ;)

The point of her in game is misdirection and deception. She can make clones and all her attacks are mirror images of each other. As you can see from her color scheme below it's mostly gold and purple - a combination I love <3

LeBlanc the Deceiver

How hot is she? I imagine she is some type of madam in a sexy dark brothel :)

For this mani I used Catrice Heavy metalillac, Occult, Bronze deco, Color of honor, Metallicious. Chick I'll break your heart. The stamps are made with Barry M Gold foil and Mundo de Unas polishes. The stamping plates are MoYou Biker 02 and Kaleidoscope 18

My favorite in game LeBlanc quotes:

''Classic misdirection''
''Would I lie?''
''Looks can be deceiving''



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