Thursday, January 22, 2015

OOTD: Classy Cupcakes

I don't always wear colors but when I do I go all out :) Most of my clothes are all black but when I saw this sweater I couldn't resist. There is something about the combination of the happy colors and the morbid/realistic writing on top. And I think R.I.P. DIET is definitely a cool motto in these post-New Years resolutions times (my new years resolution was to make my blog more versatile). Since the sweater is so casual I wanted to pair it with some classy pants that have a bit of a bell bottom. And the new pointy stilettos that are coming back into Vogue are a perfect match. 

Since the pants and the stilettos are so serious I mellowed them out with some neon pink lipstick and crazy blue hair. Because life is to short to have a boring hair color :)

The eyeliner is Catrice Liquid liner Dating Joe black and the mascara I used was Essence Lash princess. The lipstick is from Catrice LE Rock-o-co Madame de Pinkadour. Neon pink is not my color but I felt like it's a whimsical enough color to match the shirt <3

I have been in search of the perfect black pointy stilettos for quite some time. But all of them had the very high skinny heel that are extra hard on your feet. The other day I wondered in a random Tally Weijl and found these pretties. They are tall enough and the heel is thick enough to be easy to walk in. And the gold embellishment is not that bad either <3 


Sweater: eBay
Pants: New Yorker
Shoes: Tally Weijl

Do you ever pair something more classy with something whimsical?



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  2. I absolutely love it!! XD Yeah, I've been known to pair up things that normally shouldn't go together. It's all about how you wear it! And you wear this marvelously!! <3


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