Sunday, January 11, 2015

LoL mani: Udyr The Spirit Walker

I don't always play melee champions but when I do they have to be fuzzy - hence I only play Volibear or Udyr. As you can see from the pictures below he can change into 4 different animal shapes - tiger for speed, bear for stuns, turtle for defence and phoenix for setting it all on fire. And that is what I did on my nails - made a bunch of animal print nails. My favorite is the tiger one :)

Here is Udyr and all his 4 aspects.

source: deviantart
For this mani I used OPI Where did Suzy's man-go?, China glaze Below deck, p2 Fever, Catrice The monkey gets funky, Britt chick, Essence Grey-headed lovebird, Kiko Lawn green, Mundo de unas, Essence stamp me!black and white. The plates I used are BM410, QA4 and HWH-05.

source: LOLwiki

My favorite Udyr in game quotes:
'' Stripes would be good camouflage if tigers weren't bright orange.''
'' The turtle is one part fortress, one part mobile home.''
'' Man, I love honey, but bees ...ugh!''
'' Emanating fire relay cuts down on comfy nest options.''



  1. Love how each nail is different from one another.

  2. I adore how your ring finger came out!!

  3. So cool! Your middle finger is my favorite!


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