Friday, December 5, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Dark green - Sailor Jupiter

I love that a part of this challenge are just a bunch of colors and I can interpret them any way I want. Dark green made me immediately think of Sailor Jupiter. I always loved her because she was the tough one. I always felt like that in my group of friends - I was never the smart or pretty one - but though fighter chick :)

So I wanted to base the mani in greens and the Jupiter symbol, some thunder and a rose. I love how this turned out! :)

Here is Sailor Jupiter getting ready to fight in the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime - I can't get over how cooler the new anime is :)

I used Models own Absinthe as base. The stamps are done with Kiko Lawn green, Catrice Ememrald queen and Perfect chrome for the rose. The stamping plates I used are hehe 013 and 014, BM14 and BM305.

I did a Sailor Moon challenge a while back and here is my Sailor Jupiter mani from back then :)



  1. Sailor Jupiter was my one of my favorites growing up! This manicure is great.

  2. Perfect Sailor Jupiter mani!!!! *dies* Love the little rose for her earrings. ^_^

  3. Aaaahhh I love these *____*
    You know I am an anime freak, especially when it comes to Sailor Moon ^.^ The nails are so perfect! Are the stamping plates from bornprettystore?

  4. Wow your nails look really pretty!
    Such an unique manicure <3

  5. That base is so flipping gorgeous!


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