Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Distressed nails

I love distressed nails - I always think they are super easy to make and will turn out great. But that is not always the case with me. So after I was finished with my gold-red distressed look I realised it sucks. But have no fear stamps are here to save the day. I added this print so now they look like a cosy winter sweater from the 90ies :)

The distressed part is done with Revlon Fearless, p2 Fever and Catrice Ex pistols. The stamps are done with hehe017 stamping plate and Essence stamp me!black and China glaze Don't make me wine. I added some matching studs from Bornpretty store :)


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Glitter topper

Sometimes we need to share our fails. This mani was supposed to look so much cooler, but it didn't happen. So it's just a vaguely festive mani with very pretty glitters and green base. 
I used Beauty woman Maria and the glitters are Dark candy Mom & Pop. The stamps are done with Kiko Red peonia and YH810 plate.

Here is a swatch of the green base - I adore the gold shimmer.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Chevrons / Red and Gold

Finally I like both parts of the challenge! Every week there are 2 themes and until now I only choose the 1 I like. But this week I loved both of them and I used them both. The base is Constance Carroll Ebony and the stamps are made with Kiko Gold and Kleancolor Metallic red. The plates I used are hehe 005 and BM402

I like how festive this turned out :)


Friday, December 5, 2014

Pick n Mix challenge: Dark green - Sailor Jupiter

I love that a part of this challenge are just a bunch of colors and I can interpret them any way I want. Dark green made me immediately think of Sailor Jupiter. I always loved her because she was the tough one. I always felt like that in my group of friends - I was never the smart or pretty one - but though fighter chick :)

So I wanted to base the mani in greens and the Jupiter symbol, some thunder and a rose. I love how this turned out! :)

Here is Sailor Jupiter getting ready to fight in the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime - I can't get over how cooler the new anime is :)

I used Models own Absinthe as base. The stamps are done with Kiko Lawn green, Catrice Ememrald queen and Perfect chrome for the rose. The stamping plates I used are hehe 013 and 014, BM14 and BM305.

I did a Sailor Moon challenge a while back and here is my Sailor Jupiter mani from back then :)

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