Friday, November 7, 2014

#MoYou30k: Queen of hearts

Most of the time I have 2 things on my mind - Alice in Wonderland and what will I stamp on my nails next. MoYou London one of my favorite stamping brands just reached 30k IG followers and created this Alice in Wonderland themed challenge for us all to do as a celebraton. And I was hooked!

I love the story of Alice but most of all I love the Tim Burton version <3 Thou I realised I don't have nearly enough plates *you can never have enough stamping plates* The Queen of Hearts / The red queen is mostly a villain so I did a mani full of skulls, hearts and darkness :) I love how it turned out and I even managed to make my 1st ever stamping decal on my accent nail.

This is my favorite version of the Queen of hearts - everyone needs a pig in their life :)

source: tumblr

source: tumblr

For this mani I used Essence Edwards love as base. My accent nail is Barry M Gold foil and MoYou Fashionista 8 as base. Over it I added a stamping decal made with Biker 2, Essence stamp me black and Kleancolor Metallic red. I added a red heart rhinestone I made. The rest of the nails are done with Essence stamp me white and Punk 2 for the skull base and the hearts are done with the same plate but with Mundo de Unas Red stamping polish.

I love how these turned out! All I can say is :




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