Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#MoYou30k: Alice

When I think back all the character in Alice in Wonderland are crazy colorful, but Alice herself is quite vanilla. So I gone with something simple and in traditional Alice colors. I used a lot of lace, chess references and bows. I added the flamingo for a splash of color - I love how romantic it turned out! :)

For this mani I used Sinful colors Skinny dipping for the blue base. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me white and black, or Mundo de Unas polishes. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Princess 4, Princess 13, Scholar 2 and Bridal 8. I added some nice rhinestone bows to give it a bit of a 3D feel.

A cute old school video with Alice in Wonderland references :)



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