Saturday, October 18, 2014

Catrice and Essence blogger event (picture heavy)

This week the event of the year happened in my little country of Slovenia! Essence and Catrice decided to again invite us to a fabulous blogger event. And to make it more magical the event was held in a castle <3 
When we arrived we were greeted by the lovely Cosnova staff, amazing food and a lot of cosmetics by both brands. Even extremely rare Limited edition stands. Then we got a very informative short lecture about the brands development, marketing and future collections. GIRLS GET READY FOR SOME RELAY COOL LIMITED EDITIONS! :) 
After that we had the honor and opportunity to try out anything and even take some swag with us. I was so happy since I was finally able to get my hand on the Yes we rock products that I couldn't find anywhere in stores. Make up reviews incoming :)

The best part of it all was that I was able to talk to 'the boss lady' Katarina from Germany made me feel like such a grown up talking about marketing :) Thank you again all who made this cool event happen <3

Here is my BFF Miss Hysteria completely ignoring me and being in love with the products :)

So many things to choose from ...

Here is the latest LE from Essence that hasn't hit the stores - it's Xmas themed, so adorable.

Many yummy and delicious sweets <3

We even had the opportunity to get our nails done by a professional :)

My favorite part of the decorations where these small picture frames with Catrice products - so classy <3

The location of the event was truly magical ...

In all I got 3 bags full of swag - stationary, make up and nail products. I was feeling so blessed and I want to share my happiness with you all! So get ready for some International giveaways soon :)

Tomorrow I will post the nails I wore to the event. The ladies from Cosnova liked it and I was so proud :)



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