Monday, September 1, 2014

The 31 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Red

With September the 31 Day Challenge begins again. The grand mistress of nails chalkboard nails is organising it for us all over again :) I will try to follow the line up as much as possible and post the links of the other girls so you can see what they are up to :)

So let the craziness begin :)

Day 1 is Red nails. I rarely wear red but this OPI Live love carnival stole my heart. I paired it with OPI Push & Purr-pull and the me colored Munde de Unas polishes for stamps. The plates I used are LA08, MoYou Bridal 06 and Pueen24. At the end I added some studs so they relay look like an old sofa :)

Day 1 done - let's see what happens next



  1. These are nice and regal looking.

  2. Very cool! I've decided to go off-track and started with metallic. ;)


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