Sunday, September 14, 2014

Na meji nevidnega - Sci-fi / Fantasy convention

Yesterday I was on my 1st Sci-fi / Fantasy convention that was happening in Slovenia. You must know these things are very rare where I am from! So I was extra excited to go. We went for a couple of hours so we could catch the cosplay competition. And it was quite amazing. I fell in love with the orcs and the Nazgul from LOTR because the boys relay went all the way and made their costumes with real metal pieces! The rest was also quite cute <3

I was just happy so I could go somewhere where people are at least as crazy as me. Since where I am from everything you see on the streets - from fashion to personal style - everything is quite basic. Tattoos, crazy fashion style and fandom is mostly frowned upon :) So hurray for the organisers of Na Meji Nevidnega for making this happen :)

Time for a picture spam :)

Some high quality pictures from real photographers :) A lot of GOT cosplayers came over.

And a few pictures of the swag they where selling there <3

And my 2 favorite parts of the day - a guy in a Pikachu onesie and the black armored details on Nazgul - he relay stole my heart <3

And if you are wondering what I was wearing .. I was happy to be able to get my pirate skirt out finally after quite some time :) So I went as a very simple Gothic Lolita look I guess - I have no clue how to describe my outfit ;)

Skirt - Sewn by me, Shirt - eBay, Shoes - eBay, Ring - Accessories, Hairband - Essence

I kind off liked posting my OOTD so maybe I will post more pictures like this. What do you guys think?



  1. Your outfit was great! Looked like such a fun event too.

  2. Sem te videla tam, ful lep outfit :)


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