Friday, September 26, 2014

Catrice Feathered fall and Jack Daniels

Recently I have reduced my nail polish purchases and increased my make up hoarding. A few days ago the Catrice Limited edition Feathered fall came to our stores. I was relay excited about it - but the polishes were quite unimpressive - very classic fall multi chrome colors. But the make up assortment was amazing. So I got a multi chromed Eyeliner and a Duo-chromed lip gloss full of glitter <3 

As you can see from the swatches the Eyeliner has a deep dark chocolate brown base that has a very strong green-blue shimmer in it. And the lip gloss is a dark blood orange color full of red glitters. It is not a one coat gloss so I used a red lipstick as base. 

How pretty are these promo pictures? 

And here is my outfit I paired with this make up. The make up is very simple but I love how the blue eyeliner shimmer picks up the color in my hair and the red lips are a perfect contrast to them as well.

Dress - eBay, Shoes - eBay, Ring - Claire's, Stockings - eBay


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