Monday, September 29, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 29 - Supernatural / LoL mani: Amumu the Sad Mummy

Before I start mummies count as Supernatural ... I hope :) And since I started playing LoL Amumu is the 1st mummy that comes to mind. I played him only once and I don't like playing against him because he cries all the time. His superpower is crying! And his sobbing and wailing all the time so I turn the sound off when I see him in game :)

For the mani I wanted to create the bandages and stamp all the Egyptian symbols I could find. Also at the end I drenched everything in tears - because mummies that cry totally make sense ;)

Here is his picture so you can see my inspiration

Amumu the Sad Mummy 

This is him in game - can you imagine the sounds his making? :)

Source: Tumblr

My favorite Amumu quote:
''Let's be friends forever''


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