Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 24 - A book - Christopher Moore The Serpent of Venice

One my all time favorite authors is Christopher Moore and his book the Fool is my all time favorite. But this year he released its sequel the Serpent of Venice. If the Fool was a parody of King Lear then the Serpent of Venice is a mash up parody of The merchant of Venice and Othello. And I loved it!!! Thou it is a bit darker then the 1st book it's still a great read that I would recommend to anyone :)

So the book is about a fool (a jester) that is always dressed in black motley and his crazy adventures in Venice and coastal Italy. He even 'domesticates' a pet sea serpent. The inspiration for the mani was the book cover as you can see below.

For this look I used Essence stamp me!black for the motley parts of the nails. And the blue base is Barry M Blue grape. The stamps are done with the same black essence only with no top coat and Barry M Gold foil. The plates I used are MM05, QA8 and Infinity nails 53.

Here are my nails with the book cover <3

Also this year I was in Venice. And I felts so fancy when I actually knew where the parts of the book where happening. And while reading I was yelling I was there!! So I had to make a pretty pixx with a Venetian mask I got there. 

And here is a picture of a dragon egg I did and had to take a photo with since I felt like this is an egg the sea serpent would be hatched from since it's described as being very dark with black scales :)



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