Tuesday, September 23, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 23 - Movie - The Great Gatsby

Everyone has that movie that they put on when they get the blues or are just bored. And the Great Gatsby is mine <3 I love how it's filmed - it has a beat and you can dance to it. It's so fast paced and just so pretty. I loved the movie Romeo + Juliet from the same creators and this one is just as perfect <3 All I can do is sigh over it ;)

I wanted to make a mani with the black and gold lines nails that are the main art in the movie promos. And the accent finger was supposed to be glitter based that looks like fireworks with an exploding champagne stamp. I think I failed a bit - but I still love them since they are Gatsby nails ;)

In case you missed it here is the trailer to the Great Gatsby movie. The role I feel like Leonardo Di Caprio was born for ;)

For the mani I used Essence Gold old Buffy and OPI Rainbow connection as base. The stamps are done with Essence stamp me! black, Kiko Gold and Barry M Gold foil. The plates I used are EDM03 and CA-34.

And since I made all my friends watch the movie they decided that the 'theme song' is the official Gin song so when we go out we always bother the DJ to play it ;)

And since this is the Movie part of the challenge I wanted to share with you my favorite Great Gatsby recaps and literary analysis :) Thank you John Green <3


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