Saturday, September 20, 2014

#31DC2014: Day 19 - Galaxies

What are these? Ships in space? YEAH! A lot of relay die hard animation fans will know of a little movie Treasure planet! I loved that movie even thou it was not really that much of a hit. I love the original book Treasure island and this is a movie made after this book but with a twist - it's in space <3 Therefore is this mani a dedication to this cool concept. I made a galaxy mani with a ship stamp and some space looking green lines like the ones in the movie when they look at the star charts :) 

I added the theme song of the movie so you can see some of the parts and can see my inspiration for the nails :)

For the galaxy part of the mani I used Color club Harp on it, Over the moon, Misslyn Purple rain, OPI Tomorrow never dies, Wet n Wild Darkest hour. The stamps are done with Essence stamp me white, Mundo de Unas Green, the plates I used are BM-H13, HWH - 05 and MoYou London Sci-fi 6.



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