Saturday, July 5, 2014


All my devoted followers know I am obsessed with all thing Sailor moon! But the original anime was relay not as good as the manga. And this one promises to be more true to it! I hope they will make the entire manga into anime - meaning they will make more than the promised 26 episodes :)

I wanted to wear a galaxy mani and this green one is perfect. Thou it's a vault picture it's perfect for the occasion! For the mani I used OPI Amazon...Amazoff, Catrice Virgin forest, Bulevard de beaute, Essence Upper green side and LA Girl Sputter.

How cure are these? <3

Here is the trailer of the new Sailor moon anime :) It makes me damn proud to call myself a *moonie*

And here is the new Opening of the show - please excuse the tacky lyrics :)

Any other Sailor moon fans around here? :)



  1. Yiiiii! I am so excited for this new series I can't even handle it! I absolutely treasured the original anime, but this new one looks like it suits the manga sooooo beautifully. More of a ridiculously good thing?! Yes, please!

    Love, love, love the galaxy mani as well--the colours are fantastic! Those greens are downright luminous, and the purple totally pops. /*(^_^)*\

  2. Gorgeous nails! And I am super excited about Sailor Moon coming back! Yay!

  3. These are so awesome! I'm really excited to see where they go with the series, I loved the first episode!


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