Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday stamping: 4th of July - America frick yeah

This is an early 4th of July mani post :) I am from Europe so obviously we don't celebrate this here but my big dream is to visit the US and some of my swapping angels :) I wanted to make a very patriotic mani and I wanted to include something that screams USA to me - GUNS. Here guns are a big no no ... And stars I wanted a bunch of stars, I am in the mood for stars a lot recently, no clue why :)

I used Arcane lacquer Frosty fever as base. On the accent finger I also added Claire's Bonjour and LA Girl Animate. The accent finger stamps are made with Essence stamp me! black and MoYou London Biker 02, and I had to add a stud star :) The other nails are done with Dashica Red and Mundo de unas Blue, the stamping plates are Lilly Anna 07 and HWH-05.

Also I had to add this funny America frick yeah clip by Jenna Marbles <3

The base for this mani is Arcane lacquer Frosty fever. It's a part of the x-mas collection but not everything that is from a collection like that is meant to be worn in winter. Here are some swatches of this beauty - it's a white jelly with light blue glitters, glass shards, silver shards and cellophane pink glitters. The application is a bit tough since the polish is packed with particles of different shapes and sizes. But nothing a bit of top coat can't smooth out :)

So happy 4th of July to you all :)



  1. LOL Why does everybody think of guns? XD Very awesome. Your patriotism makes up for me skipping it this year. ;)


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