Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nayll review - Shimmers - DREAM COME TRUE

Ladies Nayll is a store that makes all polish dreams come true! You can choose any shimmer finish, jelly base and glitter of any shape and size - they mix it for you and send it to you. OMG I DIED! This is truly every bloggers dream come true! 

And lucky me I got 5 amazing polishes to review that I created! 2 are the shimmers here and 3 are glitter bombs that I will post soon. This is such a fun idea everyone should try it. And the owner of Nayll is so kind the entire process is fast and enjoyable.

First polish is Blue tear - let's just stop here and notice that the name of the polish is printed on the bottle and you can name it anything <3 - It's a light blue shimmer. It took 3 coats for full opacity and the formula is amazing :)

This is Long night - it's a mix of black and gold shimmer. I am in love with this color, because I don't own anything like that and it's one of those colors I just can't describe. Here are also 3 coats for full opacity with no top coat. I love how it turned out because I always wondered what a mix of gold and black would look like <3

So this is part 1 of my review - get ready for glitter overload posts soon. So ladies visit Nayll and get your own costume made polishes :)

Here is the other social media where you can follow Nayll and see what they are mixing right now :)



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