Monday, June 16, 2014

Dashica samping polish and Infinity plates review

Today I have for you a review of some amazing stamping products from Dashica beauty shop. They have a lot of unique stamping plates and stamping polishes. Also a lot of big named brands in the nail beauty world.

First I have for you a combination of Dashica stamping polish Red and Infinity stamping plate no.55. The base polish is OPI Push and shove. The accent finger is done with Essence stamp me!black.

The plate is etched perfectly and it is very easy to use. The polish is also very easy to work with, I even stamps over black. 

The second mani is done with Dashica stmping polish Jade and Infinity stamping plate no.53. This is a full image princess themed plate. Like the 1st one it is very easy to use. The Jade polish is great for stamping, it even stamps over black. It has the same formula as the red one, which makes it very easy to use. 

The base polish is Essence Hello Marshmellow. Over it I made stamps with the scaly part of the plate and Catrice Bloomynous to give it some depth. I wanted to make a mani that looks like the royal gardens and this plate is perfect for it.

I got 1 more plate to show you guys, but that one is the so cool it deserves it's own post. So see you soon :) And don't forget to visit Dashica beauty shop :)



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