Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday stamping: 4th of July - America frick yeah

This is an early 4th of July mani post :) I am from Europe so obviously we don't celebrate this here but my big dream is to visit the US and some of my swapping angels :) I wanted to make a very patriotic mani and I wanted to include something that screams USA to me - GUNS. Here guns are a big no no ... And stars I wanted a bunch of stars, I am in the mood for stars a lot recently, no clue why :)

I used Arcane lacquer Frosty fever as base. On the accent finger I also added Claire's Bonjour and LA Girl Animate. The accent finger stamps are made with Essence stamp me! black and MoYou London Biker 02, and I had to add a stud star :) The other nails are done with Dashica Red and Mundo de unas Blue, the stamping plates are Lilly Anna 07 and HWH-05.

Also I had to add this funny America frick yeah clip by Jenna Marbles <3

The base for this mani is Arcane lacquer Frosty fever. It's a part of the x-mas collection but not everything that is from a collection like that is meant to be worn in winter. Here are some swatches of this beauty - it's a white jelly with light blue glitters, glass shards, silver shards and cellophane pink glitters. The application is a bit tough since the polish is packed with particles of different shapes and sizes. But nothing a bit of top coat can't smooth out :)

So happy 4th of July to you all :)


Saturday, June 28, 2014

TNCC#4: Black and white - Peacock prison

IG has been a great inspiration for me recently. There I found a bunch of Black & white gradients and I decided to try something new. I created this 'middle only' gradient with Essence Stamp me!Black and white. The same polishes where used for the stamps with the plate EDM04.

I adore this look it's so melancholy but unique :)

Enjoy this silly peacock dance and try not to get hypnotised :)

source: tumblr


Friday, June 27, 2014

#HePicksMyPolish LoL mani: Ezrael the Prodigal Explorer

Ezrael is one of the most played champions in LoL and I am damn sick of him. But my BF likes him so I decided to do a mani inspired by him. His a real life anime champion - blue eyes, blond hair, magical powers and a silly j-pop dance to boot :) He is a super positive champion which I like and his weapons are magical bows and arrows - dunno just not my cup of tea - I like my men more manly :)

I wanted to make a mani with his bow, blond hair and goggles, the cute face tattoos :)

Ezrael the Prodigal Explorer

For this mani I used: Essence Cookies & creme, Inti inka, School's out forever, Steel-ing the scene, Sinful colors Bananapeal, Kiko Sky blue, China glaze Randezvous with you, Over the moon, Barry M Silver foil, BM415.

Here is a fun little clip of him when they added his 'robotic upgrade' :)

My favorite Ezrael quote in game:
''You belong in a museum''


Thursday, June 26, 2014

TNCC#3: Black and white - Abstract art

I wanted to try the dry brush technique for a while ... I eased up into it with very simple colors and I covered it with some stamps to give it a bit of abstract art feel :)

I kind off like how it turned out :)

The base is OPI Push and shove, the dry brush strokes and stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and white. The plate is EDM03.

Here is something similar as the idea looked like in my head :)
source: tumblr


Monday, June 23, 2014

TNPC#12: Brown

Brown is not my color and this Prettypots polish Poker queen of hearts looks brown to me thou there is nothing brown in it. As base I used a basic black and added 1 thick coat over it and somehow it turned brown - so cool :) Over it I stamped with Barry M Gold foil and QA51.

Now it all reminds me of a Chinese dragon mani for some reason :) LOL Can you see it? 

Here are some swatches of the Prettypots polish Poker queen of hearts <3


Saturday, June 21, 2014

TNPC#11: Green - China glaze Highlight of my summer

China glaze Highlight of my summer is a diva of a polish! It's a sheer light green neon with a very chalky formula. But it's worth it because it's an amazing neon! I had to use some lighting magic to make it pop on the pictures, but in real life it looks even more vibrant. I stamped over with Catrice Ex pistols and Cheeky Viva Mexico stamping plate.

I call this look Aztec summer <3 I think it's a perfect look for the season!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nayll Review - Glitters

This is part 2 of my DREAM COME TRUE post courtesy of Nayll a great place for all of us who can't find their dream polish and want to make our own :)

Bitter lemon cake (OMG I am still in love with the printed name on the bottle) is a yellow jelly with black dot glitter and black micro glitter. In there are also purple square and yellow shared glitters. For the swatch I used 2 coats of it and some top coat. The accent finger is made with Kiko Lavender and BBF12 stamping plate.

Empty hand - I always wanted a poker themed polish full of card symbols. This polish has a white jelly base and black micro glitter. The rest are black squares and clubs, red hearts, squares and dots. I can't describe how full these bottles are! There is no need to fish out any of the glitters so here are 2 coats and some top coat to even them out.

And I wouldn't be me if I didn't make a pirate themed polish. The last one is Treasure under the sea. It's a blue jelly (a bit more sheer then the other 2) packed with yellow square and dot glitters, blue shard glitters and white skull shaped glitters. Since the base is so sheer it relay looks like gold under water <3 Here are 2 coats of it with some white as base. I also added a stamp made with Essence stamp me white and MM37 plate.

I just can't decide which is my favorite! Which is yours?

So guys head on over to Nayll and get your own dream polishes made :)


Recenzija Krede za lase - Frozen mint

*Todays post will be in Slovene, sorry international buddies*

Kar nekaj časa je minilo odkar sem naredila recenzijo, za stran Te dni je tako vroče, da imam lase vedno spete. In ni bolj zabavne reči, kot turkizne fige :)

Uporabila sem kredo Frozen mint, ki je zelo svetla turkizna barva. Nanos je bil preprost in odstranitev je bila hitra ob prvem spiranju las. Odličen izdelek :)

Če želite svoje krede za lase, morda celo v barvah svojega najljubšega nogometnega moštva ali kaj pododbnega, se oglasite na


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TNCC#2: Black and white - Rainbow ribbons

I had this BPS water decals D204 for a while now and I completely forgot how easy to use they are and the results are amazing :) The base are 2 coats of  Golden rose Jolly Jewels no. 115. Over it I added the water decal and some top coat.

I love how this turned out :) It looks like a small rainbow is captured under the decal :)

Here is a silly gif. that reminded me of this mani :)

source. tumblr


Monday, June 16, 2014

Dashica samping polish and Infinity plates review

Today I have for you a review of some amazing stamping products from Dashica beauty shop. They have a lot of unique stamping plates and stamping polishes. Also a lot of big named brands in the nail beauty world.

First I have for you a combination of Dashica stamping polish Red and Infinity stamping plate no.55. The base polish is OPI Push and shove. The accent finger is done with Essence stamp me!black.

The plate is etched perfectly and it is very easy to use. The polish is also very easy to work with, I even stamps over black. 

The second mani is done with Dashica stmping polish Jade and Infinity stamping plate no.53. This is a full image princess themed plate. Like the 1st one it is very easy to use. The Jade polish is great for stamping, it even stamps over black. It has the same formula as the red one, which makes it very easy to use. 

The base polish is Essence Hello Marshmellow. Over it I made stamps with the scaly part of the plate and Catrice Bloomynous to give it some depth. I wanted to make a mani that looks like the royal gardens and this plate is perfect for it.

I got 1 more plate to show you guys, but that one is the so cool it deserves it's own post. So see you soon :) And don't forget to visit Dashica beauty shop :)


Friday, June 13, 2014


Football season is upon us! From the meme down below you can see I don't care for it! But Brazil is one of those sexy places that need their own nail art to honor it :)

For this look I used OPI I can't cope-acabana, Flormar Graffiti G03, Sinful Colors My kryptonite, Essence stamp me! black and white, HWH-05 and YH810.

So I hope you can enjoy this mani if you are a football fan or not :)

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