Thursday, May 8, 2014

TNCC#2: The most subtle skittle ever / #MoYou10k Food

This is the most subtle skittle mani ever - since it's the same basic pattern but a bit different on each nail. I did them as part of 2 challenges - TNCC Skittles and MoYou London 10k Followers Nail art challenge, that started this month. To see the rules visit them on Instagram :)

Today's theme was Food and since I am still recovering from Easter I made these Easter eggs inspired nails with Flormar Black dot BD02 as base. The stamps are done wit MoYou London Festive 14.

Also if any of you wanna follow me on instagram visit @shiversgin I post a lot more cute fuzzy animals and DIY projects there then on my blog :)

Here are the challenge themes for this month :)



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