Saturday, May 17, 2014

#MoYou10k - FUN / LoL mani: Brand the Burning vengeance

What I do for fun is playing LoL and Brand is a relay fun champion to play. I choose to make the Zombie skin because I love the green flames and the business suit since zombies need to go to job - we all know that.

This is his picture form the game so you can see the inspiration :)
Brand the Burning Vengeance

The green part of the mani is done with MoYou London Roxy 01 flame stamps. They are trapped in laayers of China glaze Keepin it teal, the stamping polishes I used are Catrice Hugo moss and Essence  Stamp me!white. The suit is free hand drawn with Essence Stamp me!white, Do you speak love and Catrice Ashley.

In true zombie fashion this is him in game dancing the Thriller dance :)

source: tumblr

My favorite Brand quotes in game - look below :)
source : tumblr



  1. LOL That is AMAZING!! I absolutely love the green flames! ^_^

    1. Thank you I took some time to capurte the flames between the layers :)


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