Saturday, May 31, 2014

TNCC#4: Skittle

I didn't do an decent skittle this entire challenge so this time I put my favorite colors together and this masterwork was made :) I love this look so much and the combination of neon and black/white reminds me of summer <3

For this look I used QA81 stamping plate,Neon yellow Bulevard de beaute, Essence stamp me!black and white for stamps, LA Girl Sandy beach for blue and some random 3D nail stuff from BPS.


Friday, May 30, 2014

LoL mani: Xerath the Magus Ascendant #HePicksMyPolish

Xearth is a mage type champion in the game LoL. He is armor held together by electricity and some chains. Quite fun to look at and to play since his ability is to anchor himself to the ground and with that his range increases dramatically. Very tricky if someone jumps at you and you want to get away :)

So I wanted to make a look that looks like lightening trapped in armor. I think I kin doff succeeded. I hope you like it :)

Xerath the Magus Ascendant

For the base I used Catrice Hip queens wear blue jeans, for the layers of stamps I used Color club Over the moon, Essie Blue rhapsody, Essence stamp me!black and The boy next door. The stamps I used are BM305, BM211 and m70. For the textured armor I used Zoya London and Essence Here is my number.

My favorite Xerath quotes:
''Bound but not broken.''


Monday, May 26, 2014

TNPC#8: Untried plate - QA65

QA65 is a stamping plate I got from Bornpretty store and I used the 2 swirly designs to overlap and create this amazing main. It reminds me of a fancy royal sofa in a French castle :) The base is China Glaze OMG a UFO, the stamping polishes are Essence The boy next door and Kiko Gold

Patterns like these are my favorite kind and thank God for the invention of the stamps, because I am just to lazy to free hand draw stuff like this :)


Saturday, May 24, 2014

#MoYou10k - Fire (and Ice)

Today's #MoYou10k theme is fire and ice. But I don't have any ice stamps and the flames I already used HERE. Therefore I used Orly Starburst as base and since it's a cold white jelly it will serve as 'the ice' portion of the challenge. Over it I stamped with Barry M Passion fruit and MoYou London Explorer 21. The mandala pattern creates a type of pretty flame pattern I think.

I love this look <3

Here is a cool inspirational picture I found *hypnotic*

source: tumblr


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#MoYou10k - Cute

For me the cutest things on this planet are huge animals like elephants, rhinos and hippos. And the MoYou London Explorer 21 plate features the cutest Ganesha stamp. So I did something simple and cute. The base is Kiko Anuse, for the stamping I used Barry M Blackberry and Essence Forever mine. 

As you can see from the picture spam below I posted the progression of the mani. So let me just stop here and praise the Essence Gel at home top coat because with 2 coats I was able to smooth out the textured base and the stamps didn't smudge at all. The only down side is that the top coat is a bit yellow so the mani got a bit of a yellow hue to it.

 MoYou London Explorer 21

Texture with stamps before top coat. It reminds me of real statues :)

Here is a swatch of Kiko Anuse, I think it's a dupe for the NOPI sands.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

TNCC#3: Skittels / Sunday stamping: Over a pink base

I don't own a lot of pinks but the ones I do are mostly a type of textures or glitters that remind me of candy. I used a bunch of them and a bunch of candy / cupcakes stamps for the ultimate sweet skittle look :)

The base polishes I used are Essence Hello rosy, Golden Rose Jolly jewels 109, Catrice Oyster & champagne. The stamps are done with Catrice Wrapped around my finger and Essence Stamp me!black. The stamps I used are MoYou London Comics 05, HWH 05 and YH810.

I hope you like it :)


#MoYou10k - FUN / LoL mani: Brand the Burning vengeance

What I do for fun is playing LoL and Brand is a relay fun champion to play. I choose to make the Zombie skin because I love the green flames and the business suit since zombies need to go to job - we all know that.

This is his picture form the game so you can see the inspiration :)
Brand the Burning Vengeance

The green part of the mani is done with MoYou London Roxy 01 flame stamps. They are trapped in laayers of China glaze Keepin it teal, the stamping polishes I used are Catrice Hugo moss and Essence  Stamp me!white. The suit is free hand drawn with Essence Stamp me!white, Do you speak love and Catrice Ashley.

In true zombie fashion this is him in game dancing the Thriller dance :)

source: tumblr

My favorite Brand quotes in game - look below :)
source : tumblr


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#MoYou10k - Childhood

As a kid I watched 2 shows like it was my religion who are polar opposites to each other - Sailor moon and Dragon ball :) Since I have no clue how to make a dragon ball mani I did a Sailor moon mani! 
I went a bit abstract this time and I did a pastel galaxy type of mani because the colors remind me of the transformation clips from the show :) And for the stamps I used MoYou London Comics 05 the one with the Anime theme. How perfect is that? :)

Here is the clip of one of the coolest transformations in the show :) All the colors inspired my nails <3

The colors for the galaxy I used are Catrice Make fast at Tiffany's, LA Girl Love letters, Yes love F06 and G2-3, Essence Over the rainbow.The stamped stars are done with Essence stamp me!White.

Monday, May 12, 2014

BornPretty store review - Card Stud Nail art Decoration

I got these amazing Card Stud Nail art Decoration from the Bornpretty store. They are all gold and come in 4 traditional shapes. But they are quite big and have a large flat surface. So I decided to stamp over them :) The base is a simple OPI Stay the night and I added a bit of extra polish right under the stud to attach it. 

I love how it turned out! Time to go listen to some Lady Gaga Pokerface :)

Don't forget to visit bornpretty store and their nail art assortment. On the right of my blog you can see the banner that offers 10% off the entire purchase with the code :)


TNPC#6: Texture - Perfect Sand

Prefect Sand (no name) is a neon green textured polish I got a while back. I ordered it so I could pair it with Essence crack me! black, because the crackle effect looks ever cooler when paired with a textured polish. It looks like some type of toxin is oozing through my nails. So I topped it with BM418 and Star gazer no.232.

Now I only wish I had better aiming skills when it comes to stamping :)


Thursday, May 8, 2014

#MoYou10k - Sci-fi

Like I said the other day I am obssesed with making galaxy nails right now. So I did these toxic green ones and added some cute space creatures over it for the sci-fi portion of the #MoYou10k challenge. Hope you like it :)

For this nails I used: OPI Amazon...Amazoff, Catrice Virgin forrest, Bulevard de beaute, Essence Upper green side for the galaxy base and LA Girl Sputter for the stars. Kiko Lawn green, Barry M Silver foil and MoYou London Sci-fi 01 for the space creature stamps.

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