Wednesday, April 2, 2014

MoYou London Artist 09 review

I got this amazing MoYou London Artist collection 09 stamping plate to review for you today! When the entire line was released this one caught my eyes immediately. They look like frames that are full of my favorite type of patterns. 

As base I used China glaze Take a trek and I wanted to use more holos over it. I used Color club Harp on it and Over the moon. I used the patterns that have rectangular shapes in them. The plate is amazing! Easy to use, just the right depth on the etchings, the only issues is that the images are a bit big. But no worries that just means you have more ways to combine the images :)

Here is another interpretation of arty nails using this plate. The base is China glaze Sci-fly by and the stamps are done with Star gazer 232, 235, Catrice Royal blue and Kiko Gold. This time I used only the patterns that have some type of swirls in them. Again the plate was amazing! No problems picking up the patterns, everything stamps crisp. 

I am very happy with this plate. It has no issues when it comes to usage. The only small problem is that the pictures might be a bit big to fit the entire nail but no matter - if you have smaller nails you just have more fun placing them in a creative way. So head on over to MoYou London and get yourself some of their amazing plates :)



  1. What fun and detailed designs! I would totally love to get this plate now :)

  2. Amazing! Sci-Fly By looks great on you!

  3. Wow, ta plata je VELIKANSKA! Sem mislila, da je Ĩisto mala ampak.. uf! Krasna, krasna.


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