Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LoL mani: Vladimir the Crimson Reaper

I used to love vampires but then Twilight ruined it all ... Thank God for LoL where this sexy beast is home. Vladimir is a vampire that uses blood and his own life as a weapon. When he plays the screen is red, there are blood puddles everywhere and he drains his opponents. But if you play him you trade hp for damage and for a n00b-cake like me that is a bit to hard so I just enjoy looking at him :)

Fot this mani I wanted to make a bunch of blood splatters over a taupe base the same color as the lining on his coat. I love this pants so I had to add some stripes and spikes like the ones on his fingers. I am in love with this look - thou it might look even more sexy and evil if my nails where in their usual stiletto form :)

Vladimir the Crimson reaper

The base is Beatuy woman Rose quartz *love the name for some reason*, the blood stamps are made with Barry M Passion fruit, Kleancolor Metallic red, Pueen45 and BM416. The stripes are done with BM411 and Catrice Sex pistols. The studs are from bornpretty store :)

Here are the nails with just the 2 coats of stamps - The blood only look is just as sexy I think :)

Here are my favorite Vladimir quotes from the game:
''Go, ahead, be negative. You are just my type''
''Deliciously vain''
'' I am a universal recipient.''



  1. This is edgy! I love the spike studs!

  2. Hudo! Sem sprva mislila, da imaš pentljico za darila na nohtu :).


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