Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catrice polish comparisons

Catrice and to a lesser extent Essence are great companies when it comes to polishes but they don't relay know their polish finishes. A lot of times they advertise for holo or texture finishes but in the end they are neither. But this season Catrice stepped it up and with the Luxury Lacquer LE, where they did every possible finish and they even released some amazing holos! 

Their only previous holo was Dirty berry *a color frequently asked for by my swap buddies even thou its was discontinued a while back :)* You can see it on the swatch wheel as the bottom color. It's a darker dirty lavender color that creates a scattered holo effect. 
Next to it you can see the new Plum me up scotty from the Luxury lacquer line. The color is a brighter metallic lavender with a strong linear holo effect. It's still not as strong as a Color club holo but still a big step forward. Both swatches are done with 2 coats and no top coats :) 

Here is an extra Scotty plum me up swatch. I love this subtle holo effect that is created here :)

And I did another comparison of the 2 duo-chromes from the regular line. The one on top is Get the blues and the bottom one is Berry Potter and Plumbeldore. I liked the Get the blues in the bottle and not so much on the nails and the reverse for Berry Potter and Plumbeldore
Get the blues has a dark grey sheer base packed with duo-chrome shimmer that changes from blue, to purple and fuchsia. It's very sheer so I needed to make 3 coats of it for full opacity. 

Berry Potter and Plumbeldore is a deep dark cross between burgundy, fuchsia and aubergine. It has a very strong blue shimmer and it's not a duo-chrome at all. The only thing is that the shimmer shifts from dark to light blue. But it's the most amazing polish I had seen from Catrice in a while. The best part is it reaches full opacity in 1 thick coat. 

Here are extra swatch of my new big Catrice love Berry Potter and Plumbledure <3

So are you getting any of the new Catrice polishes?
Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. Great comparisons! There all lovely to me :)

  2. Oh nice, hope to find some of these

  3. Oh man! I can't wait until I'm certain to have some sun for Scotty!! @_@ So pretty!


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