Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TNCC#1: Alice in Wonderland nails

 I found a Disney nail art competition on Instagram hosted by the amazing @jessnailed_it and I entered it with my Alice in Wonderland nails. I love the book and the last Tim Burton movie. I even love the Once upon a time in Wonderland show - thou it's a bit underwhelming since I thought they will make so much more out of it :) And I must say that the Disney cartoon version is my least favorite - but I like it because it's what gave it that classical look :) 

So on these nails I put what I love the most about the story - cards, chess, Cheshire cat and clocks :)

Here is what I used nail by nail:
Index: Base - Catrice Madam butterfly, Stamp with Konad white and Essence stamp me!black and QA56
Middle: Base - Barry M Blueberry, Bornpretty store water decals - K069 and D248
Ring: Base - Catrice ASHley, Stamp Barry M Guava and BM16. The face was done with Models own Turqouise gloss, Konad white and Essence stamp me!black
Pinkie - Base Konad White, Stamps Essnce! Stamp me!black, QA8 and BM16.

Here is a picture of my own Alice in Wonderland copy :)



  1. These look amazing! Love the different aspects you incorporated here.

  2. That is so cool! I love the watches. And your cheshire cat. ^_^

  3. Whhhhhhatttt! I thought for SURE when I saw these they were decals, but no, no they are you just showing off your mighty fine skills again :) These look GREAT!

  4. This is just amazing, this manicure is absolutely stuning.

  5. These are stupendous! Fantabulous job dear!


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