Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TNPC#4: Least expansive - Essence Mister rusty

It's true I am a cheapskate when it comes to polish. I mostly live in the world of Essence and Catrice as well a few of random European brand polishes that are cheap. Most OPI, China glaze and such are just way to expansive for me *thank God for all my swapping angels * <3

This is a very cheap mani made with: base is Essence Mister rusty, the stamps are done with BM415, BM403 and Essence Stamp me!black and Kiko Gold. I added some Bornpretty store water decals.

The untried here is Essence Mister rusty - not only was he cheap as soon as I got it the gears started turning *pun intended* and this steampunk look was born :)

Does a color of a polish ever inspire a look for you?


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TNCC#4: DaVincis demons

Are you guys hooked on the show DaVinci's demons yet? I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! There are sexy man, crazy inventions and epic adventures that happen on 2 continents! Yeah you heard it right - in the 2nd season DaVinci travels to America - hence the Aztec stamp :) I had to add the 'idea' stamp since the men is so very creative, he is a great 2 handed swordsman . Also I added a demon since it's in the title.

Here is some fun promo material <3 Ahh DaVinci the sexiest of all Renaissance artists :)

The bases I used are China glaze When stars collide, Essence As long as you love me and Sinful colors Bananappeal. The crackles I used are Essence Crack me!white and The winds of change. The stamps are done with Essence stamp me!black, Kleancolor Metallic red and Barry M Gold foil. The stamping plates are Cheeky Viva Mexico, BM409, YH810 and HWH05.

Also the funniest part of the show ever! When they arrive to the new land Amerigo Vespucci proclaims it - Vespuccia! He just sands there and yells at the new land - I almost passed out laughing :)


Monday, April 28, 2014

Recenzija Flormar lakov

*This review is in Slovene only, sorry international buddies. Enjoy the pictures thou :)*

Nekaj časa nazaj sem dobila možnost sodelovanja s Flormar Slovenija. Trenutno imajo glavno prodajalno v Supernovi na Rudniku, katere sem objavila velik slik tako, da jih ne morate zgrešiti, ko boste tam. Poleg velike izbire lakov za nohte imajo tudi na voljo vse vrst make upa in drugih kozmetičnih izdelkov. Vse po zelo ugodnih cenah, ravno sedaj poteka pri njih 50% AKCIJA na vse izdelke :) 

Jaz sem izbrala te 3 lake, vsak  od njih je iz druge kolekcija in vam pripravila recenzijo vseh.

Tu je slika Flormarjeve poslovalnice v Supernovi na Rudniku :)

Prvi lak na preizkušnji je Flormar Graffiti G03. Gre za svetlo neon zelen lak, ki razpoka - ker sem mnenja, da ta trend nikoli ni šel iz mode sem ga nanaelsa preko OPI I can't cope-acabana. Deluje tako, da na posušen pod lak nanseš debelo plast laka in razpoke nastanejo takoj.  Končni izdelek mi deluje zelo sveže in poletno :)

Nalsdnji je Flormar Black dot  BD02, ki je del spomladanskega trenda. Gre za mint turkizno barvo v kateri so mat črne bleščice dveh velikosti. Za ta swatch sem uporabila 2 plasti. Lak se suši hitro in je dobro prekriven, potreben je le nad lak, ker se ne suši v ravni površini.

Zadnji je Flormaar Icy top 237. Gre za dokaj prozorno temno modro bazo v kateri so beli mat kosi šestkotnih in pravotonih oblik. Nanesla sem 3 plasti in nohti dobijo neverjetno globino zaradi kombinacije prozonega laka in veliko bleščic. Nanos je bil prepost in lak se hitro suši, kot vsi ostali.

Flormar je odlična znamka, ki ima veliko različnih kolekcij in so vedno del nail art trendov. Zato pohitite do 1.5. na Rudnik in si privoščite kaj. Do takrat pa uživajte v slikah mavričnih polic :)

Vedno pa lahko premljate kaj je novega na Flormar FB strani. :)


Random Haul post

Heii fabulous beauty folks! Today I decided to show you my hauls from over a few months. They are only the big ones and most of them are from swaps and b-day presents :) It's a bit of everything including Venetian masks when I was there! :) 

Let me know what you like the most :)

Thank you all my swapping angels that made a lot of this nail mail happen! :)


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday stamping: Bad a$$ mani

This weeks Sunday stamping theme is a bad a$$ mani. I did quite a few of them in the past thou. So this week I wanted to make yellow polish look bad a$$ - Challenge accepted! :)

I love these nails! And I do think yellow can look tough :)

The nails are done with OPI I can't Cope-acabana as base and the stamps are Cheeky Viva Mexico plate and Essence Stamp me! White/black for polish.


Friday, April 25, 2014

TNPC#3: Had to have it, still haven't worn it - Essence Million dollar baby

Essence Million dollar baby is part of their new spring line. It's not a limited edition polish - meaning it will be available to me for quite some time. But some of the stores got it a bit earlier and I just had to have it - then it just stood on my untrieds shelf - and a lot of swatches came out and now I am finally getting around to use it. Bad bad blogger :) 

Essence Million dollar baby is a cellophane hex glitter, because of it's flakie type of coloring I had to take a million pictures to capture it in it's greatness. *enjoy the glitter photo spam* 
The base is Barry M Blue grape, stamped with Essence stamp me!black and Pueen26

Does this had to have it, still haven't worn it situation ever happen to you?


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bornpretty store Summer nail art competiton

Bornpretty store is hosting a Summer inspired nail competition and I decided to enter with this mani. What makes me think of summer are neons that are always trendy at that time of the year and going to the sea side. Most of my sea holidays happen on my BF boat so I thought a nautical stamp would fit. I hope you like it :) 

The base colors are China glaze Sun of a peach, Tevez no. 01, S-he stylezone no. 002, Models own Hedonist, the stamps are done with Konad white, Essence stamp me!black and BM407.

There is still time for you all to join. I added the banner with the link on the side of the blog. Feel free to check it out! :)


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TNCC#3: Grimm

 I LOVE THE SHOW GRIMM! OMG not only do I love it I infected all my friends and now they all are watching it also :) You are welcome NBC! The show is about a cop/monster killer aka the Grimm who's job is to hunt other creatures that have some type of animal aspect in them and are prone to violence. Most of these monsters are based on fairy tale creatures. The pilot episode is about a wolf-man that is killing girls in red outfits - how cool is that? :)

For these nails I wanted to make it look like the world split in two the way a Grimm sees it - one part is the animalistic side with the purple claws and one part is the human world protected by a Grimm axe. Since books and violence are a big part of the show I made a bloody book stamp on my pinkie.

I love this look! Let me know if you like the nails and the show! :)

YAY a awesome promo picture of the Grimm interrogating the wolf man :)

I also decided to make these nails a while back since the show mentioned a city in my country. Note that I live in Slovenia - a European country nobody in Hollywood knows about and if they do they never show it correctly. This time it was done in a very cute way! So thank you Grimm for a shout out :)

Another promo picture! Grimm is a hottie - and for some reason I feel he would be perfect for a Superman role? :)

For this look I used Catrice Plumdog millionaire and Arcane lacquer Whimsy wonderland as the base. The base on the pinkie is Essence stamp me! black, that was also the polish I used to make all the free hand drawings. The pinkie stamps are done with MoYou London Scholar 02, Konad white and Kleancolor Metallic red. I only wish that the drawings would show more - my camera was having a bad day :(

Let me know if you are also a Grimm fan :)


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday stamping: Happy Easter

I am a big sucker for trend polishes and I relay love the speckled trend. So I used the 2 I own to make this silly Easter mani for the holidays! I wish you and your families 'hopy easter'!!! <3

For this look I used: Models own Goose, Yes love 2645. Stamps are Essence stamp me!black, MoYou London Festvie 14 and BM302. Bornpretty store water decals BLE1677a are the feathers.

Here is just the base mani :)

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