Friday, March 21, 2014

Tri polish challenge: Green, blue and purple day#3

Poor China Glaze There's snow one like you got so many haters out there ... But I am a big sucker for freaky polishes and in this one I saw so many possibilities. And since it's still a normal white polish it's perfect for being a stamping base. I used pueen48 and Chic Dark and handsome, Essence Absolute blue and Deep sea, baby. And the result is amazing! The stamp has a lot of swirls and they fit perfectly on the bumpy surface.

Do you like the effect? Did this look change your mind about China Glaze There's snow one like you? :)

This is it for this month. See you next month (hopefully) :)



  1. It looks cool! I like the effect.

  2. I love this, the white almost looks embossed. Nice to see a freaky texture get some love too :D x

  3. You did it! You made it look pretty!

  4. hehehe I love Snow One Like You and I seriously LOVE what you did with it!!! Way awesome.

  5. I love the combination and the texture effect!! gorgeous!!!


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