Monday, March 24, 2014

Top 5 glitter polishes

I am a big stalker of all kinds of German blogs and I saw this 5 top polishes tag and I just had to join in. Nobody so far did a top 5 Glitter polishes - so here are my top 5 glitters. Some are indies, some mainstream brands from Europe and USA :)

I love glitters over any type of polish since that they make everything pop and they make the base polish last longer! Currently I am obsessed with shape glitter of all kinds - so this is where the indies come in. At the same time I am a big sucker for shard glitters and even classic multi sized hex glitters :)

My choices are (from L to R):
1. Sation - Men-ipulation: Clear base with white matte hex glitters and multi sized black matte pieces.
2. L.A. Girl - Jostle: One of my 1st glitter polishes featuring my favorite color - dark blue. It's a clear base polish with 2 sized hex dark blue glitters.
3. Essence - Steel-ing the Scene: A clear base with yellow-gold shard glitters. Hooray for Essence getting on the trendy glitter band wagon :)
4. Emily De Molly - Abstract Canvas: An amazing mix of all color small hex glitters, paired with big black dot and hex glitters <3
5. Black cat lacquer - Dead men tell no tales: Got it for the name and the skull glitters. Keept it because it's a mix or red, black and white glitters of all shapes and sizes.

Do you have a top 5 polishes?
At the same time I am tagging everyone who was the time and a quick list to do this challenge :)



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