Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday stamping: St. Patrick's Day (The day everyone wants to be Irish)

Here we don't celebrate St. Patrick's day since we don't have much of a Irish population. But my country is made of big drinkers and any excuse to drink is good. So I think soon this holidays will be a big hit here :)

Personally I don't like beer - give me any kind of hard liqueur but keep that beer away from me. So I can't relay connect with this holiday. But recently I had a big fetish for green polishes so I am happy to have a reason to use them :)

I wanted to do very subtle stamps with a lot of holos. The base is Catrice Holo in one, over it I stamped with Kiko Gold and BM406, on the pinkie I used Essence stamp me!Black and CK04. Over the stamps I put Depend no.2036 and on the pinkie Depend no.2035 for extra holones. I like this subtle effects that are created full of celic knots :)

Happy St. Patty's day everyone! :)



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