Friday, March 28, 2014

MoYou London Rockstar 01 review

Today I will review for you my dream plate! It's MoYou London Rockstar Collection 01 stamping plate. When I first saw their products this was the plate I fell in love with and since then I never stopped stalking MoYou London. Here are my dream Rockstar manis :)

My favorite pattern are these flames! The look so rock n' roll to me! For the base I used China glaze Electrify and Essence Gold fever. For stamping I used Essence stamp me!black. The plates are very easy to use, the etchings are perfect with just the right depth and all the stamps come out very crisp. The flames are a bit to wide for my nails *but I have very small nail beds* so I stamped the coolest part of the flames :)

I hope you like this look - these are my dream nails that I had in my mind for quite some time <3

Here is a mani I call 'What you need to make a rockstar' :) I used the guitar, big speaker, leather jacket and skull tattoo pattern. All stamped with Star gazer 232 over China glaze Bump in the night. The black base is a very 'though guy' type of polish which I think fits the theme. Here you can see how amazing these plates are since, the patterns are still very clear even when you stamp them over a textured base :)

I want to thank MoYou London to make my dreams come true! This plate is relay amazing and it works great. So head on over to their SHOP and get some of your own plates to make your nail dream come true :)



  1. Wow!!

  2. Awesome!!! You're making me want to stamp over texture... lol

  3. These stamping plates look amazing! You got some great manis out of it.

  4. I love those MoYou plates and this one in particular is just fabulous!


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