Sunday, March 23, 2014

LoL mani: Vel'Koz the Eye of the Void #HePicksMyPolish

I found this amazing FB group that is currently doing the #HePicksMyPolish challenge and it sounded so fun I just had to join! I choose my BF to be the 'he'. But since we don't live together some magic was required. We both play the game League of Legends and he knows that I made a few nail looks inspired by the game. So he could choose any of the pictures in my LoL picture vault. And he choose the Vel'Koz nails and said he chose them because 'He saw them in person and they where awesome!' <3 How cute is he? :)

Vel'Koz is the latest addition to the LoL roster and to me he looks like Saurons eye from LOTR if he was domesticated by Barbie :)
 He is a lot of fun to play - a 'glass canon' champion - meaning he is very strong but has very little defence. Who cares thou since you can just run around and shoot lasers at everyone.

Vel'Koz Eye of the Void

I wanted to make a look similar to my SAURON NAILS but purple. So as base I used Tevez 01 and made the holo rays with Color club Wild at heart and Eternal beauty. The eye is made with Chic I'll break your heart. And on the pinkie I used Emily De Molly Cosmic forces, where I fished out 3 huge dot glitters that remind me of his extra eyes and stamped over them with Color club Harp on it and QA4.

I like this look but it's very camera shy - in real life it was a bit more pinkish :)

Here are my favorite quotes by him in game:
'Tears appear to serve no function'
'I must know more'
'Creature seeks it's maternal unit'

And to get you a bit more in the mood - here is his promotional clip :)


  1. So pretty! Great purples too.

  2. Oh that is SO COOL! Me and my Mr. just started playing LoL a few weeks ago! Still learning the details, but that champ looks super fun!

    Your nail art for it looks FANTASTIC! So glad you were able to join in for the challenge this month :)

  3. Gorgeous colours! A very pretty mani :) great job!

  4. I like how this turned out!! Great colors!

  5. Very creative and pretty! Love it!


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