Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Essence Be berry now! and Roller coaster swatches

A while back Essence renewed their products with the Spring/Summer line. And from the polishes these 2 cought my eye since I don't have anything like that in my collection :)

 Roller coaster is a dark cold green with a very subtle light green shimmer. The shimmer is a bit stronger in the bottle then on the nails. Here are 2 coats with not top coat. This time I think Essence re-vamped their formula a bit because the colors are a lot more shiny. 

 This is Be berry now! it's a very special color, that is kind off hard to describe. It's a mix of fuchsia, dark red and burgundy. It looks different under every light, but always amazing. The formula is a nice creme jelly, the application was easy. Here are 2 coats and no top coat.

I love these new bold colors by Essence and for the price you get some great quality and variety.
Do you like any of the colors?



  1. both are pretty colors on you. Love your nail shape also!!

  2. I have to say that I really love the new shades that Essence came with this time! They are all so pretty, plus those effect nail polishes are awesome too. I think they did a great job :)) Love both your shades, I have the green, but need to get this gorgeous berry shade as well :D

  3. Be berry now! je čidovit <3 Te nove fotke so iz lightboxa? Ker so ful dobre :)

    1. nekaj zadnjih je iz light boxa, ki je awesome :) ampak se ne razume z mojo lucjo in fotkičem tko da sam vsaka 100 slika je dobra :) today is the day :)

  4. @_@ Very nice! Kind of christmassy together, but still nice. lol

  5. I really love these polishes and grab as many as I can when I'm at ULTA~


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