Saturday, March 1, 2014

Carnival time - Kurent nails

I live in Slovenia - Halloween is not so established here as is Pust or Carnival! It's a distant cousin of Mardi gras. The tradition is for the children to dress up in costumes and go from house to house to ask for candy. Only treats not tricks - kids here are behaved :) 
A big part of pust are Kurenti - they are the deities that chase away the winter. I posted some photos below of them - they are huge fuzzy demon things that carry bells around their belts and make a lot of noise - apparently winter doesn't like noise :) I love them - they are so cute and a bit scary <3

So in this time of the year we have many parades featuring Kurents or Witches - depending on where you are at. 
As I did these Kurent nails I wanted to make them seem fuzzy, add the big wings they wear, stamped some bells and something that vaguely resembles their faces :)

This is such a cool close up picture of a Kurents mask <3

To make the fuzzy effect I used OPI Solitaire as base and over it I added Essence Crack me! White. I just love this effect that was created. To make the wings I stamped with MoYou London Biker 02 and Essence stamp me! Black. The pinkie has two layers of bell stamps done with pueen38, Essence Wanna be my sunshine and Catrice Team lucky mustard's. And the middle finger has a yellow mask stamp underneath done with Essence Wanna be my sunshine and HD01, over it I added BM410 and Catrice Roberts red ford

Here they are in our capital city doing what they do - run around and ring their bells :) You can see a black on in the back - they are usually white :)

Does your country have any special traditions in time of Carnival?



  1. Great inspiration to draw from!

  2. We live pretty close to New Orleans and I haven't been there yet... definitely something on the "to do" list....


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