Thursday, March 13, 2014

#BeCrueltyFree Rainbow zebra

As some of you know I am a big animal lover!!! If it where up to me I would live in a giant farm with cute little animals wondering around *hopefully not eating each other* LOL

I know a lot of cruel things are happening to the most adorable creatures and that saddens me. But I am not a person who will go fight windmills... I do try to make a difference in every animals life that comes in contact with me, that is how I try to give back for all their unconditional love :)

Barry M has this competition for No animal cruelty awareness week and I got the idea for this nails the other day when I was working in my greenhouse. Since it's closed up, butterflies get stuck in them and I feel sorry for them. They are the super models of animal world - so pretty but so dumb. So I waited for each to climb on my hand and I carried it out. So yeah some days I spend saving butterflies <3 When I was watching them I got this rainbow nail idea :)

For this look I used Konad White as base and made the stamp with QA8. The stamping polishes are Barry M Blue grape, Essence Wanna be my sunshine, Color club Color bomb and Ulta3 Mojito. I love how his turned out - the colors look perfect for spring and they just make you wish Rainbow zebras would wonder around. Don't they? :)



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